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zombie_mom's Journal

tart and pleasantly bitter
Since January 14, 2003 my life basically consists of tending to the needs of my genetic legacy, aka the most adorable, intelligent, charming human that has ever existed. In my spare time I indulge in occasional furtive groping of my spouse, sleeping in short bursts of 2-3 hours, eating enough calories to stay conscious, and preparing for the inevitable end of the world as we know it: when the dead rise.

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If you friend me leave a comment so I don't feel like a jerk for not adding you for a week and you can avoid feeling rejected and vulnerable. If you like to have sex with dolls please do not add me.

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Date Created:1-14-2003
Number of Posts: 666

The adorable yet terrifying product of a demon/human mating, Henry is a Chaotic Neutral rogue possessing Herculean strength, flashing almond eyes, golden curls, and profound contempt for the laws of man. Versatile, adaptable, resourceful, and remorseless, Henry roamed the wilds of Redmond. It would be impossible to recount all of Henry’s legendary adventures. Strength: 18 Intelligence: 17 Wisdom: 12 Dexterity: 18 Constitution: 14 Charisma: 17
Strengths: Climb +14, Hide +13, Kick Dad in Nutsack +10, Sleeplessness +17
Weaknesses: Henry has no weaknesses.
Special Skills: Tea Kettle Scream, Iron Will, Open Lock, Spring Attack, Evasion, Dodge, Unarmed Combat, Fast Movement.
Weapons: Thrown Blocks: Henry can throw blocks with incredible accuracy; each thrown block equals 1d3 points of damage to his opponent.
Motto: oderint dum metuant

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