tart and pleasantly bitter (zombie_mom) wrote,
tart and pleasantly bitter

breaking bad, mormon remix

So tonight Tim is filling me in on his vacation adventures with his Mormon Country Bear family and mentions that his father had said he was in the planning stages of applying for the license to grow marijuana for medical purposes in their backyard garden.

*record scratch*

Apparently, now that it is technically (though perhaps fleetingly) legal in Arizona, Tim's Mormon parents no longer object to the consumption of marijuana for medical reasons, nor do they see how growing it in their backyard for money conflicts with both the official modern interpretation of the Word of Wisdom, but also with the draconian punishments inflicted on poor teenage, drug-addled Tim.

The very first thing out of my mouth would have been an extended rant lambasting them for their cruelty and hypocrisy. But that's a major difference between me and Tim. People like Tim.

I am thoroughly unpleasant and unforgiving in my need for moral/ethical consistency in people's behavior. Tim doesn't give a fuck about morality and ethics; he thinks it's hilarious to imagine his Mormon parent's growing pot for cash next to their watermelons and corn, moving on to cooking meth in a rented trailer, and eventually and inevitably his father busting a cap in some fool and covering the corpse in quicklime.
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