tart and pleasantly bitter (zombie_mom) wrote,
tart and pleasantly bitter

Portland is beautiful and has many adorable yarn shops but is also very chilly and has lots of dog poo on the sidewalks.

Pam and I went on the Portland Yarn Crawl Train Ride NO SALES TAX Extravaganza yesterday. 30? 40? pear-shaped women furiously knitting in an enclosed space for 3 and a half hours! Sign Me UP!

Here we at the onset of our journey eating fried parmesan crisps, full of enthusiasm despite waking up at 5:00am. We spent an hour the night before at Whole Foods wandering around, finding snacks. $50 later we had enough snack foods to hopefully encourage new friends to overlook our rancid personalities and inappropriate and overwhelmingly buggery-related jokes.

Getting a bit fatigued.

Near the end of our voyage, demonstrating our disapproval of the Seattle Thunderbird hockey fans who had smuggled in their own liquor and started drinking at 7:30 in the morning. 3.5 hours of the blahblahblah ramblings of drunken morons (their lives sounded like something from Maury) made us quite put out!

Tea at Tea Zone cheered us up and we amazed our new friends with the apparently appalling amount of food “skinny girls” (I swear, we got called “skinny girls” like 8 times) like us are able to consume. Veggie quiche (*the best we ever had*), veggie samosa, grilled turkey and provolone sandwiches with cranberry mustard, and a huge green salad, of course, because we’re ladies.

Knit Knot Studio (very quaint, found a $5 skein of Jo Sharp DK Tweed, debated buying a huge hank of half-off Noro but it's just too fucking itchy) and lattes at Boyd’s coffee shop.

Powell's: Hello, sir? Would you point me in the direction of the Mexican Wrestler and Pirate Sodomy section, please? Oh! Just behind my shoulder! Thank you kindly!

It was labeled a "GREAT GIFT." Ahem.

At Knit Purl (awesome store, great selection and lay-out) they gave us free Shi Bui sock yarn and Pam bought me a skein of something we’d never come across, Terra merino/baby alpaca/silk) and then we had a nice rest at Cacao: Mmmmmexican hot chocolate and the second latte of the day for Pam.

Stumbled across Hanna Anderson and bought Henry a heavily discounted ($28 down from $78, woot!) and extremely adorable coat and then Pam bought two gorgeous sweater pins at a little boutique called Monique’s.

Dublin Bay Knitting Company had super deals. I live for discount shopping and my fu resulted in 2 skeins of Louise Harding Kashmir (teeny baby sweater planned for mystery baby boy) and 4 skeins of Ella Rae Shibu (silk shrug for me!) for under $28. Whee!

We picked up more sandwiches at a little Italian-run café and the teeny little Italian man with teeny pointy-toed shoes made us the BEST LATTES OF OUR LIVES. OMG. They were soooooo gooooood.

I manage to look blissed out on espresso.

Teeny Italian Man: You ladies…you will be coming back to Portland, yes? You will come HERE, yes?
I would have shoved him into my bag if he would have fit (had lots of other shit to carry though, you know).

We had such a great time. We got to take the Pam and Sarah Show on the road, made lots of people laugh and cringe, and I have a shit load of new yarn.

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