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10/18/10 12:27 pm

My labs from yesterday looked fine but my blood pressure is still measuring high today. So I am going to rest on my side and eat ice cream today. If nothing happens tonight, I have an appointment tomorrow at 5 pm to get my membranes ruptured.

10/17/10 03:42 pm - uodate

It has been a loooong weekend. My blood pressure has been rising since Thursday's appointment. My midwives are very cautious and have taken my blood several times over the past few days (plus did a 24 hour urine screen) and so far all my labs look fine. They decided to strip my membranes yesterday and did it again today. I am currently 3 cm dilated and the head is at zero station and my bag is bulging. It could happen at any time now, I guess. My next appointment is Tuesday.

10/14/10 10:25 am

I've reached the stage where people will note that I look tired. Or tell me it seems like I've been pregnant "forever." Or to even throw up their hands and exclaim "Still?!" when they meet me in the hallway.
I'm going to start throat-punching people.

10/13/10 10:15 am - 38 weeks

38 weeks
I feel so huge. My belly is drooping. And I'm so tired today!
Diapers should be delivered sometime today. Washing one last load of baby stuff.
Capax, I can see my feet, but just barely. I bought the most utilitarian boot choice, #3.

Now I want these.

and these.

10/12/10 06:56 pm - halp!

Apologies for the lack of pretty links.




10/10/10 12:03 pm - 38 weeks on Tuesday

37 weeks 5 days
My belly now rests on my thighs when I am sitting.

10/3/10 03:55 pm - thinking, thinking

It really depends on what this kid looks like, determining his name. It would be so bizarre, but it is entirely possible that a blond/blue-eyed kid could come out of me! Henry, my mini-clone, really should have had my last name, I think. My closet family names are: Leonard, my father, Eliseo, his father, and Warren, my mother's father. Most notably weird: Rufus Jeremiah, my grandmother's father.

I am liking the name Silas. Might it be too vampire-esque?

10/2/10 06:19 pm

I still have no idea what to name this baby. No idea.
Also, I waver about wanting him to have my last name, out of a sense of fairness and because Tim's last name is sooo white. But maybe brothers should have the same last name? IDK.

Henry is adamant he wants to be at the birth. We have watched a dvd the birth center provided to us a couple times and he was fascinated by it. He's not squeamish about gore or gross stuff in general, but he's so in tune with me and painfully empathetic. I worry he'll be freaked out by my agony.

I need to upload a belly pic. 37 weeks on Tuesday!

9/28/10 09:12 am - advice requested:

Does an train trip to Portland with an overnight stay with a 2 or 3 month old baby sound absolutely awful and ill-advised?
I need to decide if I want to go on the yarn gathering trip this year, like, right now.

9/22/10 01:36 pm - 35 weeks!

Talked to the friend who is currently doing doula training and will be attending my birth for her certification yesterday.
I must say, my confidence was shaken. I just assumed I would have another crazy-intense 2.5 hour birth, with no boring long transition period or any need for a birth plan and such. After talking to her, I am feeling totally unprepared. I had a vague idea of Henry being there and we'll have friends there as back-up child-minders. I have midwives with good records and based all my confidence on their abilities and my uterus of steel. Now I am reading baby center articles about the many variables I never even considered and am having a mild panic attack.
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