tart and pleasantly bitter (zombie_mom) wrote,
tart and pleasantly bitter

onamission request:

What I made for dinner: roasted lemon/thyme chicken and potato/kale casserole. Also roasted a sweet potato but wasn't hungry by the time it was done. And chocolate walnut cookies for dessert.

Small, potentially interesting updates:
-This baby shaping up to be equally attractive as Henry. Bonus points added for being super mellow. He already weighs about 14 lbs and his neck fat is developing nicely.

-We went to the Nintendo company party last night. There was a brief period of crying beforehand because every dress I tried on looked obscene (34Fs, at this point) but that resolved quickly enough. It was casino-themed, which is unappealing to us, but the food was catered by Tom Douglas (famous local chef who actually was set up at the meat carving area, carving meat) so that part was really awesome. I ate at least 2 lbs of shrimp and tomatillo dip, several mini sliders and fries, tenderloin on cheesy polenta, grilled bread salad, roasted brussel sprouts, salmon, greens beans and feta-topped tomatoes, mini eclairs and coconut cream pies and warm cinnamon sugar donuts topped with vanilla mascarpone.
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mmm, party. I love it when the food's actually good at the parties!!
Neck fat! I love mellow second babies forever. I swear that is part of why Gabriel is my favorite.
Oh you are such a tease with the second baby also being mellow, big & healthy...*sigh(
Oh, potato kale cassarole sounds very interesting! How do you make it?
Layers of thin sliced yukon golds and steamed chopped up lacinato kale. Salt and pepper each potato layer, top with sharp white cheddar. Pour a slurry of cream or milk and flour on top. Super good fried with eggs and onion and bacon the next morning.
Too much good food in one post. Feeling jealous, and hungry.