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tart and pleasantly bitter

Silas resembles infant Henry to such a disconcerting degree. I keep flipping through Henry's baby pics to compare their features and expressions and it's a little freaky. MVC-238X b8523 (typed one-handed) 10/19/2010 Arrival at birth center at 5:00 PM. My blood pressure was nearing the 140/80 cut-off point, so they drew more blood (my poor good vein was looking so sad by then) and hooked me up to the fetal monitor. I rested for about an hour or so, labs came back looking fine, and the decision was made to rupture my membranes. 6:53 - 9:50 PM = ate Mediterranean take-out, took black cohosh and had my bp monitored at half hour intervals. Walked the hallways, climbed the stairs, walked around outside. Marveled (like an asshole) at how boring this labor was turning out to be, wondering how other people could stand the tediousness. Minor contractions; fretted about necessity of taking castor oil and potential hospital transfer. 10ish - 10:30 = Rested on bed for 20 minutes then hit with mighty contraction. 11:00 - 1:00 = Waves of agony, contractions of unbelievably increasing strength, vomiting. Very clear thoughts materialize understanding why some women choose epidurals or scheduled c-sections. No more photo documentation allowed. Silas born 1:35 AM 10/20/2010 after 10 minutes of the most excruciating pain of my life. 7 lbs even, 21 in long. 2:00 - 5:00 = My blood pressure started to rise in to 160's. Transferred to ER! Never admitted to L&D because of an ectopic pregnancy emergency (a fear, because baby was fine and didn't want to have to stay over night if it wasn't necessary). We (midwives, doula, etc) sit in ER for 3 hours waiting for more blood test results. Sent home without ever using thoughtfully placed iv. The end.
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